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You hear a lot of hype about the cloud, so it can be easy to think that it’s blown out of proportion. The truth is that the cloud really is the way of the future for IT. But it’s easy to be daunted by the cloud and can be confusing to understand the potential benefits and traps.

First, You need to be prepared to leverage the cloud properly and to adapt YOUR way of doing things to its unique capabilities. Omega can help. We’ve been using cloud technologies since they were first being developed.

We know how businesses like yours can take advantage of cloud power for a dynamic and innovative way of sharing work and increasing productivity.

  • We’ll meet with you to discuss the powers of the cloud and what services are right for YOUR unique needs.
  • We’ll analyze your business to make sure you get the right migration to cloud services with a minimum of downtime or fuss.
  • We’ll talk about how using the cloud can change the dynamic of how your office functions; working together remotely is different than working in a traditional office space, and it can be great if you know how to do it.

Omega’s cloud consulting helps you learn the best ways to share your IT. We’ll help you analyze your business to figure out how cloud services can make it easy for your team to collaborate and work remotely, and how your business can become more agile and ready for the future. Let’s talk about how to share YOUR workload – call us at (269) 762-8404 or email us now.

Everyone hears about the power of the cloud and thinks, “Great, now I can work from home!” But it’s not that easy to start changing the dynamic of your workflow. You’ve got to have a plan for using the cloud effectively, and prepare for how it will change the way you do business.

Remote Communications

Because cloud services are accessible from anywhere you can go online, you can potentially have a team work together without having to be in the same office. Your team could have members in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Jackson, and Kalamazoo, and everyone could use the same systems and files to collaborate on projects. But if you’re going to spread out your workflow like that, you need to communicate. 

  • We’ll talk about using multiple methods of communications at the right times, taking advantage of email, instant messaging, and VoIP phones to stay connected to everyone you do business with.
  • We’ll discuss how cloud technologies impact your workflow, and how to adapt to the changes with a minimum of disruption, keeping the tasks flowing smoothly among your staff.
  • Ultimately, constant communication is key, so make sure you take advantage of all the methods of communication you can.


The Right Tools For The Job

There are a lot of cloud services out there, and they’re all different. Some will be useful to you, and others won’t be. It can be a little overwhelming, but not to worry. We’re here to help. Together, we’ll assess your needs and find the right services and solutions to fit your business.

  • The right size and scope of service to match your needs, taking into account your budget, number of users, and what you’ll be sharing among your staff.
  • Creating a set of procedures, standards, and guidelines for how to use your services to share files, work on projects, and stay organized.
  • We’ll discuss any training needed for applications and mobile devices to ensure everyone involved stays efficient and productive.



If you’re truly serious about embracing the potential of the cloud to share your workflow and leverage a team that can collaborate remotely, you’ll be changing the culture of your business. That means you need a plan to adjust to your new dynamics and embrace your technology to make it easy.

  • We’ll help you understand how cloud services can change the dynamics between managers and employees, and how you can keep your team on task while enjoying the freedom the cloud gives you.
  • We’ll show you how to use your services to organize your team’s day and set realistic expectations for everyone involved, so work gets done and everyone stays productive and happy.
  • It’s about developing a strategy to your daily workflow, so you get the benefits of this new way of sharing the workload without finding yourself slowed down or held back.

With Omega’s cloud consulting, you’ll learn how to take advantage of innovative technologies for innovative business. It’s time to embrace the future – let us help.


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