No I.T. project is too big. Our team can move mountains! In most cases though, it's computers and servers. 

Moving, upgrading and expanding your IT infrastructure doesn't have to be a headache. Just tell us the basics, show us the space and we'll do the rest. 



Omega can design your scalable network infrastructure from the ground up based on your strategic goals. Examples might include wide area networks (WANs) (connecting the IT infrastructure of offices in different locations together), mobile workforce initiatives, and more complex, high availability infrastructure (e.g. on-premise infrastructure replicated to systems in a secure datacenter).



After we design your network, we install it. This is where we come in and physically install and configure firewalls, routers, managed switches and wireless access points to create the basis of your network infrastructure.


We can protect your network from hackers with top of the line firewalls and anti-virus software from Sophos, as well as state of the art anti-spam services that stops virus-laden emails before they even reach your email server. We can also provide consulting on physical security as it relates to your IT infrastructure as well as how to protect your network from your employees.


Once your network is up and running, we can troubleshoot any issues that arise. Omega has invested in a wide variety of tools, such as Cisco Meraki devices, that hasten resolution time of most incidents.


Examples of some network solutions that Omega could provide your business include:

  • Remote access to company data & applications
    • VPN (Virtual Private Network) Solutions
    • Remote Desktop Server (Terminal Server) Solutions
  • Connecting branch office networks to headquarters offices
  • Wireless networks that are secure from public access
  • Consolidating server infrastructure and implementing green computing initiatives through server virtualization

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