VoIP Cloud-Based Phone System

The cloud gives you all the tools you need to work from your office, your home, or on the road. Now, you can get rid of that old PBX system and keep your extension ringing no matter where you go. Want to forward your office phone to your mobile phone? No problem. Want to have your voicemail e-mail you your messages? No problem. Want to bring your office phone with you on vacation?  No problem.

With a cloud-based phone system, there’s no bulky equipment to bolt to a plywood board. Put your VoIP Phone System in the rack next to your Active Directory, Exchange, Windows, and Linux servers. You know that VoIP is just another application on your network.

Omega is proud to offer 3CX VoIP phone systems. 3CX delivers features that help your business operate more efficiently, more effectively, and with less headache than a conventional phone system. Step out of the overpriced, under powered phone systems of the 1970s—and step into an upgraded system at a price your business can afford.


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